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Pre-Compose 3D Layers in After Effects

pre-compose 3d layers in after effects

Another excellent Andrew Kramer tutorial that shows off how to use the free 3d Pre-compose script for After Effects. Normally pre-comping in After Effects will flatten your layers but with this free plugin you can pre-sompose and link elements such as camera and lights to your pre-comp, maintaining control over 3d layers even when they are pre-comped. The tutorial also touches on the free Color Vibrance plugin also seen in this screenshot.

Motion Graphics Tutorial + Plugin link



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Write-on Effect Techniques

how to write on text in after effects

This excellent short video tutorial Dan Stevers covers a number of techniques for doing a write-on reveal of text, graphics and even outlines on a photo. He covers a number of tips including auto-tracing and how to make type look hand written.

Motion Graphics write-on Tutorial

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Beveled 3D Text Motion Graphics Tutorial

create bevels on text in after effects

Learn how to create beautiful beveled 3D titles in Element3D by following this video tutorial

Learn to create 3D beveled Text

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How To Make A Globe From an Image

create a 3D globe in After Effects from a map

Learn to make a quick 3D rotating globe from a map or any image of your choice using After Effects by following this quick 60 second  tutorial from yves lespagnard

Create a 3D globe from a map

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Line Tracer Tutorial–Link lines to nulls

attach a line to a null in after effects

A nice tutorial on attaching lines to nulls in After Effects. You would think it would be an easy thing to do, and while it’s not difficult, it takes a bit of ingenuity. Joey from school of Motion shows not only how to do this quickly, but also how to make sure it works even on 3D layers.

After Effects Lines Tutorial

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New Features in After Effects 12.1 update

whats new in after effects 12.1

Detail preserving upscale, Mask tracker and copy with property links are some of the new features of After Effects 12.1 demoed here in a few quick tutorials by Mikey.

YouTube Video

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Create Fire in After Effects

create fire in after effects using particular

How to create purely procedural fire in After Effects. This video tutorial uses the Particular plugin to create the fire effect seen here.

After Effects Motion Graphics Tutorial

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